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Categories of our products:-

A) Flexible liquid soft rubber mold making kit

  Silicone Rubber Blue PT1825 Kit 

  (Packing size: 1Kg Set Kit, 5.15Kg Set Kit, 25.75Kg Set Kit)

  Silicone Rubber Translucent Shore A 40

  (Packing size: 1.10Kg Set Kit, 5.5Kg Set Kit)

  RTV Green Rubber Kit

  (Packing size: 5.5Kg Set Kit, 22Kg Set Kit)  


B) Liquid Epoxy Resin

  Epocast PT100 with Epoharden PT100S (Fast Cure)

  Epocast PT100 with Epoharden PT100SLT (Slow Cure)

  Epflexin PT3721 Part A and Part B (Semi Flex)

  Epflexin PT371 Part A and Part B (Soft Flex)


C) PU Foam 

  PU Foam Rigid Part A + Part B

  PU Foam Spray Can 750ml


D) PU Resin Casting and Hand Lay

  Pycast PU Resin 60A/B

  Pylam PU Resin 55A/B


E) Unsaturated Polyester Resin

  General Purpose Fibreglass Hand Lamination Resin

  Isophathalic Resin

  Epoxy Base Vinyl Ester Resin

  Clear Casting Resin

  Polyester Gelcoat

  Epoxy Base Vinyl Ester Gelcoat


F) Fibreglass material

  Chopped Strand Mat 300/450

  Woven Roving 200/400/600/800

  Fibreglass Tape 5MM 

  Water Base Chopped Strand

  Surface Veil (Tissue Mat)

  Fibreglass Cloth

  Carbon Fibre Cloth

  Nexus Veil 37G


G) Polyester Resin Hardener

   Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKPO) 

  Butanox M60


H) Additives & Fillers

  Cobalt Naphthanate Solution

  2,2-Dimethyl Aniline (D.M.A. Solution)

  Silicone Oil

  Calcium Carbonate Powder

  Polyvinyl Acetate Powder (PVA)

  PVA Solution

  Talc Powder

  Aluminium Powder

  Aluminium Paste Leafing & Non-leafing

  UV Absorber Powder & Solution

  Wax Solution


I) Pigment Color

  Pigment Paste Form

  Pigment Powder Form


J) Solvent


  Methylene Chloride (M.C.)

  Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)


  Styrene Monomer (SM)


K) Fume Silica

  Konasil K200

  Aerosil 200



J) Color Chart

  RAL K5 Classic Color Chart - Matte

  RAL K5 Classic Color Chart - Gloss

  RAL K7 Classic Color Chart

  Pantone Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated Set


K) Accessories & Tools

  Viscosity Cup NK 2 

  Viscosity Cup Zahn #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

  Hand Lamination Iron Roller 2"/4"/6"

  Catalyst Dispenser 500ml


L) Mold Release Agent

  Mirror Glaze #0811

  Honey Wax 250

  TR Wax

  Release Agent Spray Can

  Frekote 700NC 


M) Other products

  Zinc Stearate

  Sodium Nitrite

  Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC/BKC)

  Defoaming Agent


  Mylar Film

  Dye Color

  Water base Silicone Emulsion



























Epoxy Epocast PT100 & Epoharden PT100
PU Foam Rigid
PU Foam Spray Can 750ml
Unsaturated Polyester Resin
Chopped Strand Mat
Surface Veil
Woven Roving
Water Base Chopped Strand
Carbon Fibre Cloth
Butanox M60
Cobalth Naphthanate Solution
DMA Solution
Silicone Oil
PVA Solution
Talc Powder
Aluminium Paste
Pigment color paste
Pigment powder
Konasil K200
RAL K5 Classic
RAL K7 Classic
ISO Viscosity Cup
Hand lamination Iron Roller
Frekote 700NC
Release Agent Spray Can
TR Wax
Mylar Film
Benzalkonium Chloride
Zinc Stearate
Iwata NK2 Visccosity Cup
Nexus Veil
Sodium NItrate
Dye Color
Silicone Emulsion Solution
Mirror Glaze 0811 Wax Paste
gallery/aerosil 200
Catalyst Dispenser 500ml


gallery/Silicone rubber blue pt1825 1kg
gallery/Silicone Rubber Translucent Shore A 1.10Kg Set Kit
gallery/PU Foam Rigid AB 2kg set
gallery/honeywax 250 F